Advices. Sound insulation of buildings with profiled beams.

Advices. Sound insulation of buildings with profiled beams.

Звукоізоляція будинку з брусу. Фото.If you plan to build a house made ​​of wood - take care of its sound insulation. It pays to recall that the plan of the insulation should be at the design stage of the house.

We can give simple advice that in aggregate have a house then do not make unnecessary investments in expensive materials to soundproof the building with a bar was excellent. Soundproofing a house with a bar is reduced to two points: to weaken the effect of resonant propagation of sound in different rooms; isolate one room from another.

1. The main medium of sound propagation in a wooden house is a solid-state structures that transmit sound waves well. Creating bridges the gap and the "floating structural elements - the key to reducing the conduction of sound by 50%. Therefore try to separate the design of each floor and second floor ceiling construction of the first floor. It will strengthen the acoustic ceiling between wooden house. This floor joists must be based on different bars with overlapping logs to which the ceiling mounted.


2. Ventilation channels and wiring channels warm air from the fireplace or furnace should be made of corrugated pipes filled with basalt wool, not smooth pipes with PVC or aluminum hoods for gas.

3. Many experts believe that the main thing for noise reduction - a duty materials of different structures in the design of the building. Therefore, floor beams and floor joists are sometimes placed on shock absorption pads. Sound is transmitted in a wooden house on beams and walls.

4. The space between floor and ceiling may lay mineral wool. Do not use heavy rubber soundproof insulation for automobiles. basis of reducing vibrations of thin-walled structures car do not work in building acoustics (for heavy construction fencing). In any material has its own scope.

5. Tips to Design Rooms: The rooms use carpets, upholstered furniture and textiles.

6. To effectively zvukoizolyuvaty one room from another, using special heat and sound insulating materials that lay inside the interior walls, in the "cake" floors. The "pie" between ceiling and floor in the stack frame partition wall plate or a mineral insulation thickness of 10-15 cm can be put on the wall leaf stopper.

7. If possible, isolate the open staircase to the second floor door. However, this significantly worsen the interior of the house.

8. Sources of vibration and noise are drainage, sanitary equipment, such as valves, distribution and control valves, toilet tank. Use special types of these devices that create little noise.

9. Advice on sound insulation on the stage of architectural planning work - plan space in buildings so that noise sources are the most removed from the premises to be protected from noise.

10. Acoustic insulation for engineering unit to install it on Vibroinsulator and isolate summed it communication. This pump, exhaust, heat recovery boilers and heating.

Звукоізоляція конструкцій гіпсокартону11. Tips for soundproofing the roof - the second most important problem. The worst system is a roof tile and metal matalichna profile. They are very noisy in the rain and wind. Quietest roof is ceramic tile, shingles, bitumen corrugated board sheets. Read details about the design of the roof

12. When installing drywall ceilings, use special fasteners for metallic profile, such as system "Vibrofix"

13. The main advice from us - please contact the professionals and you will have no problems with sound insulation!

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