Advices. Walling.

Поради. Зведення стін з брусу. Фото.Building walls of the house with beams.
Wooden houses - one of the few options when it can pass without construction crew. Here are some tips on the construction of walls for those who will enter their own timber.
1. Try to process the timber antiseptic and fire retardants prior to signing it into the wall. Particular attention is paid to face and pererubam. That there will be most vulnerable to fungus and rot of the details. When processing is already prepared wall - 50% of  the panels will not!

2. We must consider that in settling the house reduced geometrical dimensions is uneven. The ends of the beam components, especially  raw, are deposited over these same parts inside. Therefore, the gasket should be used for constipation increased thickness.


3. The lower humidity timber, the more resistant it is to the action of fungi and bacteria that multiply in moist environments.

4. Priority hints: It is strictly forbidden to put the first timber (crown) on the concrete foundation or brickwork. Use waterproofing.

5. When using vertical pillars in home construction is necessary to apply countervailing jacks. allowing to adjust the height of a pillar at the home of beam deposition.

6. Do not use metal (wire) as Nagel. The condensate that formed on the metal will destroy wood around the metal and weaken the grip of such a beam from the middle peg. You must use only wooden nails (nail). It is recommended to make them square with solid wood. Nagel scored to 10-15 mm depth of the upper plane beam to compensate for the sediments.

7. Keep timber dry under a canopy. Prevent ingress of rain on parts of the house. Typing moisture - they lose their geometrical  dimensions and expanded.

8. The upper beam (crown) is recommended to charge lower crowns metal pin with a nut to prevent separation of the roof structure of  mauerlatom gust of wind. Periodically, these nuts should dotyahuvaty as vsidannya house.

9. Ends of beams recommended smooth, no grinding and processing of their patter to reduce kapilyarnosti ends. This extends the age of  wooden parts.

10. Use only moving the connection to window and door casing boxes to prevent deformation during osadtsi house.

11. Attach a crown to the first base after laying recommend several rows of houses to check the correctness of the geometry of the  future building.

12. The main advice: With self-erecting house invite a specialist for installation supervision. 


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