Bathhouses, saunas, bath with timber and logs - Wooden Saunas

Saunas with profiled beams.

Photos baths and saunas built from glued profiled and logs.


By construction domes even divided into three main types depending on humidity and temperature in the steam bath room:

Ponds dry air (city public bath-heater, Russian bath, Finnish sauna), air temperature from 60 ° to 120 ° C and humidity from 5% to 25%;
Bath cheese (paired, Russian steam bath, Finnish, Eastern), where the temperature ranges from 50 ° to 70 ° C, and humidity from 80% to 100%;
Japanese bath or Water.

Every kind of dome construction requires design features. In Ukraine and Russia's most popular dry air.
N steam was a wooden hut in which there are two rooms: a steam room, locker rooms and offices. In the steam heater is located - stove with stones.

Russian Bath has several varieties: with bath furnace "in black" and bath with furnace "in white." Oven "on-black" most ancient, it has survived to the present day. Burning stove without a chimney and smoke comes out through the open window or steam through the door. When the heater is good incandesce, wood smoke is stopped ventilated dome, the walls okatuyut water, wash and close windows and doors. At the heater for pairing served water with infusions of herbs. This bath has a special spirit at the expense of the impact of smoke on wood frame construction.
Bath with a beam of furnace "in white" widespread throughout Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. It turns out the smoke from the heater through the pipe, so the atmosphere is polluted in steam, ventilation and steam washing walls is not required.

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