Description of quality furniture board laminated with grades:
Class A
- Knots allowed healthy adherent to 40 mm;
- Knots black nevypadayuchi allowed up to 15 mm
- Cracks and chips in a knot laid hotmelts;
- Resin pockets no more than three pieces, cleared and laid hotmelts;
- Core is not permitted;
- Knots evenly spread board, the number is not limited;
- The color and texture is not regulated;
- Falls knots at the edges are not allowed.
Class B
- Core to 100 mm up to 2 pieces of ears on the shield is permitted;
- Resin pockets are laid under the coating color of the wood;
- Knots allowed any shape and size;
- Neprokley not allowed;
- Small chips and allowed to 3-4 mm are not pawned.
- Neprokley not allowed;
- Falls knots not permitted;
- Not allowed to wane;
- Punk is not allowed
Заготовка ламелей для зклеювання щитів
Заготовка ламелей для зклеювання щитів
Готові щити в палєтах
Готові щити в палєтах
Палєти з клеєним  щитом
Палєти з клеєним щитом
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