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Garden tables and benches with timber

A wooden house, a country station, garden, warm evening, barbecue, a company of friends. Noisy or quiet holiday feast with a book in the garden in the shade of trees is impossible without a comfortable wooden benches and tables. And if the weather finds you during the holidays - a garden shed with a bench will be your refuge from the rain or scorching sun. You always want to rest with pleasure. And that brings us pleasure to ordinary bench! More precisely, is not common, and wood. In this age of modern technology of iron benches, plastic and composite materials are increasingly used because of its durability. But the feeling of warm and velvety wood garden benches, arbors and tables there is no substitute!

Especially the way a product is made of wood, if your house is built of timber. In this case, garden bench complements the design of a log house, and fits into the overall picture of a country wooden house.

Modern facilities for handling timber, preventing the wood from rotting and fungus will protect your wooden garden furniture from damage. A variety of forms benches for the home and give no boundaries. They are made, usually from special varieties of wood. From the exotic to traditional. It all depends on the conditions in which garden furniture will be used (under the canopy or not). And the shape is attached to the tree varied - depending on the design of Croft.

More details related to species used in the manufacture of garden furniture and benches to find the open-air terraces read the article in a wooden house. Decking.
Outdoor tables and shelters, benches - not the main products of our manufacture. We prefer making their otlaem made of wood or corrugated timber. This gives the status of the woodwork of the importance and allows for many years to decorate the gardens and houses.
Table of timber
Table of timber
Wooden garden table
Wooden garden table
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