Gallery of small architectural forms. Wooden house from glued timber. tm Romashka

Laws of Ukraine define small architectural forms as a small one-storey mobile building that has a closed room for a temporary stay of people, or fixed structure, which has a closed space for temporary residence and people around the outer perimeter of an area not more than 30 m2, which is performed with lightweight structures and installed temporarily without a permanent arrangement fundamental.
They are:


  • equipment for recreation (park benches, gazebo, pergola, lights, playgrounds)
  • arhitektrurni small facilities (pavilions, kiosks)
  • means of visual information (light boards, traffic lights, billboards)
  • engineering and household equipment (transformer substation, ventilation shafts telephone booths, vending machines)
  • decorative plastic shapes (fountains, sculpture park, swimming pools)

Some of these facilities may be limited (and mostly limited) at fairs, the seasonal outdoor sales for sales in prazhdnichnyye days. They are taken in places of mass fetes people and used for temporary accommodation outlets. Lightweight design allows to quickly change the deployment of such facilities. For the construction of mobile and mobile kiosks pobutivok best suited design of a metal frame covered with siding above (Block Houses) or other decorative wood paneling. The base of such structures are mounted wheel or pull bar to deliver LFA method dies.
Special ineteres represent design which provided for heating wood-steel furnaces. Maximum demand for such LFA-Christmas falls on Christmas.

Well - frame of the deck
Table - canopy
Garden tables and benches made of timber
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