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Articles dedicated to different subjects. This is the basis of timber construction, especially the use of laminated veneer lumber, as well as issues related to surface treatment of buildings with timber varnishes and paints. Ask your questions you can on our forum "Forum. Houses of the beam. TM Romashka

Stairs in the house - road to dream

Сходи в деревяному бдинку

Stairs in the house - the road to the dream. Differently and do not want to call this an important and respectable piece of furniture. Around the structure of the house ladder unfolding the most heated debates and discussions. Each presents itself on the stairs as the rightful owner of the house and everyone wants to see the stairs as the most beautiful part of the house. Many design steps is the epitome of wealth and success in life.

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Decorating walls laminate

Decorating walls laminateLaminate - building material, which not so long ago appeared in the arsenal of the builders and designers. But in a short time gained in popularity. Practicality, durability, and a wide selection of designs - made common type of laminate flooring. 31 class 32 class 33 class and even 34! These "classic" is not limited to laying on the floor. Recently, there are solutions when laminate laid on the walls and ceiling. In such a way to create a unique and elegant decorative elements. they bring the texture of wood in places where before and did not think to create the texture of wood. and there were wooden jewelry items in stone houses and brick walls.

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Safety of the wooden house. Fire alarm system.

Fire safety.

Багато замовників починають розмову про безпеку дерев'яного будинку коли він вже побудований. Ми рекомендуємо подивитися на це питання більш глибоко. Що входить в поняття "безпека"? Наведемо кілька пунктів, які першими спали на думку:
1. Захист від вторгнення в приватне житло
2. Захист від пожежі
3. Захист від вибуху газу
4. Захист від чадного газу
5. Захист від затоплення приміщень водою
6. Захист від різного роду комах і тварин-гризунів
7. Захист від руйнуючої дії грибків, рослин, цвілі
та ін


Many customers begin to talk about the safety of wooden house where he had built. We recommend that you look at this issue more deeply. What is the concept of "security"? Here are some items that first come to mind:

1. Protection against intrusion into private housing

2. Protection against fire

3. Protection from gas explosion

4. Protection against carbon monoxide

5. Protection against flooding areas with water

6. Protection against all kinds of insects and animals, rodents

7. Protection against damaging effects of fungi, plants, fungi, etc.


Some hazards can be prevented after building the house. Choosing wood for raw materials - must begin long before the log will produce glulam elements and wooden structures. In ancient times, the tree chosen for the construction of a priest and osvyachivali place where will be logging long before his wheelhouse. As they say - all the time!

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Interior partitions in the wooden house of laminated veneer lumber

Braced wall in the house from a barExperience in design of wooden houses from glued beams shows that many customers do not fully understand the difference between walls and interior partitions. Features of such design is that, not only sparingly construction materials, but also correctly distribute the load in building construction home. The most frequently used room in leveling frame walls. They are prefabricated wooden block on either side of which are sewn sheets of drywall, paneling or siding. Such constructions are easy to assemble, do not have such great weight as the walls of the timber. Very often, in the pursuit of decreasing the number of laminated veneer lumber customers forget that the ceilings, floors and roof of the house must have a secure base - main walls. Typically, such disputes end with the customer listens to the designer. But sometimes the other way around!

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Water for a wooden house.

Water for wooden houseArticle "Water wooden house" appeared on our web site is no accident. One of the customers advised to recommend more reliable way to ensure water his wooden house. Results found us while searching on the Internet revealed that most companies talk about how to dig wells, wells, pipelines pull. They describe the water supply in terms of delivery of water to the house. We focus on the stage, when the water is already in the room. Lower the description of the water supply projects and recall important feature of wood: wood is constantly exposed to water - quickly collapses.

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