Construction of the beam. Wooden houses from glued beams. TM Romashka.

Articles dedicated to different subjects. This is the basis of timber construction, especially the use of laminated veneer lumber, as well as issues related to surface treatment of buildings with timber varnishes and paints. Ask your questions you can on our forum "Forum. Houses of the beam. TM Romashka

The foundation of concrete slabs. All "For" and "Against"

The foundation of concrete slabs. Another article is devoted to building foundations. The foundation we have been associated with the digging of trenches, concrete mixers, excavators, formwork. In most cases - that is, build the base for the home. But if you analyze the cases with a high water table or soils with low bearing capacity? Then there is no version of the tape or the pile foundation. We are talking about a wooden house, whose weight does not require very large buried solid foundations. A special case, when a light wooden house should be mounted on the sea shore, where a few meters in depth - just sand.

Slab foundation - not the only solution, but the right decision! Consider all the "For" and "Against" the foundation of the plates. A simple device for a monolithic slab foundation made of concrete and covered in a solid concrete pad. On these foundations said many in the literature and the Internet. We will stop our attention on the foundations made of road and airport concrete slabs

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Terraces at home from a bar. decking

Decking. Terrace. photoWe do not make a mistake if we assert that not a single developer, who would not want to have a terrace near the house. No one wants to restrict his home by four walls. The house at the same time acquires the features of the box. It is not suitable for wooden house from a bar.
When the terrace of the house is being built on a concrete base will not be considered. In this case - it's simple.
But it is more natural when the floors are covered with terraces of the board. Of course, it is exposed to adverse environmental factors. How to be in this case? How to prolong the life of this beautiful cover? Due to the natural properties of wood, it is widely used not only to build houses and furniture, but also for the construction of terraces and other garden structures.

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The second light in a wooden house. Taming the spaces

Второй свет в деревянном доме. Фото We offer a small tour to get acquainted with one of the most exciting inventions of housing - the second light. Interest for us to try to find a description of the second light at Wikipedia. To our surprise - we found nothing on the first pages of search engines. This further motivates us to write this short essay about the features of high-rise architecture.
The second light is often used when covering the ceiling on one floor are missing. This form of the house visually increases the amount of space and creates a sense of increasing the size of the rooms.
It is important to design the windows in the walls, which is adjacent to the second light.

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Air Conditioning in a wooden house

Air Conditioning in a wooden houseIn an article about soundproofing a wooden house, we have already mentioned that the tree is a good conductor of sound. Therefore, sound insulation - is a priority task in setting up a wooden log houses and utilities in it. Particular attention is paid to the want of ventilation system, smoke extraction and conditioning. Despite the fact that manufacturers declare their quiet electromechanical devices - to foresee the consequences of the spread of noise. "A way to mount the air conditioner on the wooden wall of the timber?" - You ask. The vibration will remind yourself, even you are using an external refrigerator. In this case, we advise you to install air-conditioning system with air ducts and the outer frame of the central air conditioners. This device, which may be located outside the premises and do not transmit vibrations to the construction of wooden frame. Typically, these engineering structures it makes sense to install in homes with large rooms.

External air conditioner in a wooden houseUsing special air duct reduces vibration and noise to zero. Such external mounted air conditioners inside of the sandwich panel thickness of 5 cm, which protect the device from rain and do not transmit noise on the wooden parts of houses. The role of the construction of such a system has an aluminum frame. Sandwich panels are produced with special decorative galvanized steel exterior. The color of the paint device can pick up the climate, as well as for timber. And you can build a separate house from falshbrusa (block house) in the style of wooden frame. In order to facilitate the approach to the installation sites of the inspection services offered by secured doors or removable panels. In doing so he will fit seamlessly into the design of the landscape. The same effect can be achieved if we establish such a system in the basement (the basement) on a stone foundation, which dampens the noise level.

At the beginning of this article, we are not in vain mentioned the smoke removal system. Very often, home from a bar styled antique floor used as a commercial real estate: restaurants, taverns, cafes, in which the issue of clean air can be solved only with the internal and external systems, ventilation and air conditioning. This is a requirement for institutions of this kind. Using the latest technology not only provides cooling air circulation, but also can serve as a moisture and air purification technology Flash Streamer. Manufacturers declare, even disinfecting viruses.

External air conditioner in a wooden housePerhaps this is one of the few articles in which we are not calling for installation work to do on their own. Select Air Conditioning, buy and install - the lot of specialized firms. We can only give a little advice. Use of external skeletal conditioning to avoid major mistakes - to spoil the design of a wooden house hinged boxes on the walls!
A few words about the characteristics. Central air conditioners have a mini-performance from 800 to 10 000 m3/ h
Discussed in this sitate conditioners have some disadvantages, chief among which is the need for installation and construction work on laying the building of extended communications (air ducts and pipes). But how healthy is not worth it?

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The plan of building a house

План будівництва приватного будинку. ФотоWeighing all the "pros" and "against", you decide to build a wooden house somewhere in France, Italy or Greece. This is not new for us. Especially since self-assembly kits for homes best suited for this. Small construction time allow you to hire workers with "historical homeland" to significantly reduce the cost for the construction of the house. Do you have a plan? Of course there is - you say and show two sheets of paper with the name of the first floor, second floor. But is not that we had in mind.

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