Construction of the beam. Wooden houses from glued beams. TM Romashka.

Articles dedicated to different subjects. This is the basis of timber construction, especially the use of laminated veneer lumber, as well as issues related to surface treatment of buildings with timber varnishes and paints. Ask your questions you can on our forum "Forum. Houses of the beam. TM Romashka

Set collapsible timber house. Building your own hands

Монтаж деревянного дома своими силами. ФотоOn our site, we talk a lot of wooden houses. This category refers to the building of prefabricated houses. Panel frame, the house from a bar, a deck of logs - all of them can be built over the last month of age or less. It all depends on the method of preparation of the structure. Of course, one month - it is only the time needed to build houses on the site of the customer. It is preceded by a lot of work on designing structures, the creation element specifications houses from glued profiled beam.
If the customer has scheduled an internal wiring in the walls of a wooden house, then a considerable amount of work necessary to transfer to wiring in the element base. made under this scheme mounting hole technology must match exactly between the different elements of construction. Otherwise, mount the wiring in the walls would be impossible, and the details of the timber will be rejected. All these operations are performed at the factory. This reduces installation time on site. House of the assembly is growing by leaps and bounds.

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The better cover the roof?

Чим краще накриватидах будинку?Gathered once three little pigs Naf, GUF and NIF (Russian folk tale). I argue: The better cover the roof? And every pig in his own praises your roof. Piglets available - only three and a roof to roof there are many types. Consider some of them, because look at all - not enough time. Stipulate that examine Roll mastic, membrane, fluid, types of roofs in this article will not. Consider the general characteristics of the types of roofs that are most often used for covering the roof of wooden house.

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Wooden windows. features

Дерев'яні вікна. особливостіThose who build wooden house at the design stage did not even think about what is best: wooden box or plastic? The seller and manufacturer of each of these windows will in 1000 arguments "for" and "against". Modern windows are different from each other not only material production but also some structural features. The reliability of these estimated compared with each other, it all depends on the quality of materials and products, from which security technologies used in production. In terms of design and aesthetics in the last time these two types of windows are virtually identical. It has long been available windows, decorated with wood to any invoice. The use of glass - a standard for both types of windows.

What you should know about the features of wooden windows since we wanted to buy a wooden box?

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Стелимо ламінат в деревяному будинку.

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Стелимо ламінат в дерев'яному будинкуБудинок майже побудований, вставлені вікна, остаточно відшліфовані і пофарбовані стіни, господар будівництва однією ногою стоїть на порозі, а другою ...??? Куди постане друга нога? На плитку, на стяжку, на дошку, на ковролін або на лінолеум? Кожен хоче, щоб підлоги в його будинку були красивими, теплими і довговічними. Про деякі особливості вибору підлог ми говорили в статті "Підлога в дерев'яному будинку. Ламінат". Продовжимо розмову на цю тему. Стелити ламінат у дерев'яному будинку можна самостійно з кількох причин:

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Розрахунок вартості будинку. Помилки.

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Вартість деревяного будинку з брусу.Ось і настав час, коли наш замовник гортає тисячами сторінки в інтернеті  і вишукує проект будинку. Йому би хотілось, щоб він одночасно отримав креслення, візуалізацію, плани, і бажано ціну на будинок. І кожному хочеться , щоб все крім самого будівництва було зроблено бесплатно та ще й на вчорашню дату. Ми вважаємо - це номально. Але кожен розуміє що треба оплачувати роботу дизайнера, архітектора, конструктора, кошторисника.

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