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Articles dedicated to different subjects. This is the basis of timber construction, especially the use of laminated veneer lumber, as well as issues related to surface treatment of buildings with timber varnishes and paints. Ask your questions you can on our forum "Forum. Houses of the beam. TM Romashka

Start building a house with a bar. Rituals and traditions ..

Перший вінець  - будівництво хати. ФотоEach future owner of a private house wants in his house ruled harmony and peace that passed disasters and hardships of his house. Since ancient times, there are many rituals and customs related to the protection of the house from evil spirits, planning and luck in the new building. This especially applies to houses with wooden beams and logs, because they have ruled at the time of our ancestors. Log houses and huts of wood surrounded by legends and customs of their protection from evil spirits. Remember some of those ordinances in the construction of houses.

Most importantly - choose the right time of year to start construction. Avoid must leap year. It is best to start building houses was considered in the spring or summer. Best lay the house on Friday, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. Try to lay the house on Full Moon. Before laying house should be taking interest in the church calendar to find out if there are to this day a day of memory of the saints, and do not "disturb" you to their construction ... This concerned the timing of construction.


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Bath with timber and logs

Баня з брусу. ФотоBath with timber and logs - not a luxury but a state of mind. I want a bath! Thus begins the fulfillment of desires of those who enjoy a healthy lifestyle who loves rosy cheeks and tea with cheese. So start looking for the project for future investment in the unique fun and meeting friends. This is an old Slavic tradition - BATH!
Frankly, even to begin and what to the bath has no relation. That name - the same, but the purpose - is another. This prestige is a business meeting is a constant attribute display material wealth is the object of envy and intentional praise.
Although both use the bath - are compatible with each other. Bath - something big, healthy and desirable, so that attracts and develops into a pleasant and healthy relationship.

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How much does a square meter of your home?

buherHow much does a square meter of your home?
This question is asked all who want to build housing. The answer is diverse. In one case, you just say $ 250 per square meter. In the second case, they say - 200 euros per cubic wall. We have a view on the issue of pricing. It's like asking: "How much is in bundling machine: 4 tires, one wheel, one motor, undercarriage and cabin?"
Answer in no case exactly once not possible. Here are the reasons why it goes:
1. Price the house - is the cost of materials and works
2. Cost of works is determined by the quantity and quality materials which should be built
3. Number of materials - is available estimate.
4. The current estimate - which means that a calculation podetalna
5. Podetalna calculation is based on the construction project working drawings
6. Construction drawings are executed in the presence of preliminary design, building size, design analysis features of the house.

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Insulation seams wooden house

Як утеплити деревяний будинок з брусу?  Це складне питання. І складність полягає  в тому , що існує безліч способів захистити
приміщення будинку з брусу від проникнення холодного повітря та пилу всередину.
Найстарішим способом є ущільнення швів мохом. Однак, такий спосіб не відповідає сучасному вигляду будинку з вінців. Існує думка, що
висока точність виготовлення деталей деревяного будинку та форма брусу дозволяє взагалі не проводити утеплення вінців зрубу. Іноді,
доцільність використання ущільнювача вирішується банально - наявністю коштів.
Наведемо перелік можливих способів ущільнення швів між вінцями (між брусом).
1. Мох. Не розповсюджений матеріал.Складний у використанні, екологічно чистий.
2. Льоноволокно або стрічкова пакля. Це натуральний матеріал який виготовляється з 100% льону. Сировина вирощуєтся в Україні.
Зберігає здоровий мікроклімат в будинку. Виготовлення ущільнювача у вигляді стрічки спрощує процедуру утеплення швів. Розповсюджені
— Длина ленты: 25 м.
— Ширина: от 3см с последующим шагом 0,5см
— Толщина – 8-10 мм.
— Плотность — 700 г/ м2.
— Состав: 100% лен.
— Стоимость : от 2 до 4 грн за метр погонный
3. Синтетичні матеріали (наприклад синтипон)
4. Джутовий ущільнювач. Межвенцовый войлочный утеплитель — теплоизоляционный материал, изготавливаемый из натуральных волокна джута и льна в пропорции до 90% джута (остальное  - лен.)
В процессе изготовления формируется полотно, которое пробивается специальными иглами с зазубринами и скрепляется собственными волокнами.
Джутовый межвенцовый утеплитель получается плотным и однородным по толщине, что обеспечивает надежное уплотнение между венцами в срубе. Изготовленое полотно нарезается полосами шириной от 3см м до 1 м. Ширину подбирают в зависимости от размеров бревна. Рулон межвенцового утеплителя раскатывается по пазу и крепится строительным степлером.
Канат льняной для коноппчения межвенцевых швов. Используется в основном как декоративное украшение швов срубов. Подходит только для оцилиндрованных срубов. Не применяется для утепления домов из профилированного бруса (клееного бруса) сделанного в классическом виде.
5. Мінеральна вата

diagramaHow to insulate wooden house from a bar? It's a complicated question. And the difficulty is that there are many ways to protect the premises of the house and the penetration of cold air and dust inside. The oldest method is to seal seams with moss. However, this method does not meet the appearance of the house shaped timber. It is believed that the high precision parts manufacturing wooden houses and timber shape can never hold insulation shrouds log. Sometimes, the usefulness of the seal is solved banal - the availability of funds. Here is a list of possible ways to seal the joints between the crowns (between timbers).


1. The moss. Oakum is simple. This - not common materials. Difficult to use, environmentally friendly. The absence of certain geometric dimensions can only be used to seal the walls of old houses.







2. Flax tow or tape. This natural material is made from 100% linen. Raw materials grown in the Ukraine. Keeps a healthy microclimate in the house. Making the seal in the form of tape simplifies the insulation joints. Common characteristics:
- Tape length: 25 m.
- Width: 3 cm, followed by increments of 0.5 cm
- Thickness - 8-10 mm.
- Weight - 700 g / m 2.
- Composition: 100% linen.
- Cost: 2 to 4 USD per square meter running

3. Synthetic materials (such sintipon)


4. Jute seal. Felt insulation - insulation material, made from natural fiber jute and flax in the proportion of 90% jute (the rest - flax.) During the manufacturing process is formed by a sheet, which breaks special needles with notches and fastened their own fibers. Jute padding turns dense and uniform in thickness, which provides a reliable seal between the beams in the wooden house. Production of cloth cut into strips of a width of 3 cm to 1 m. The width is adjusted depending on the size of the log. Roll of insulation is rolled along the slot and secured construction stapler.



5. Linen rope for caulking joints between beams. Used mainly as an ornamental decoration seams log cabins. Suitable only for rounded log structures. Not applicable for insulating houses from profiled bars (laminated veneer lumber) made in the classical form.







6. Mineral wool. It is used very rarely. However, due to the fact that the people who invented the resources to build a house out of wood does not want such material to the construction of the house for reasons of image and prestige.

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Errors in the construction of wooden houses

Construction of building their own profitable, but requires minimal skills. One of the compulsory questions that should be done - correct storage of construction elements for building a platform or a construction zone. Production of wood needs protection from sunlight and rain. That's why we pack kits of parts in plastic wrap.

Here are typical mistakes storage profiled glued timber in the construction ofwooden houses


Помилки зберігання клеєного брусу зимою

Snow that melts at bar can wet it and lead to subsequent deformation when hit sunlight, despite the fact that the structure of glued timber is multi-layered structure.








Поліетиленова плівка - надійний та недорогий захист деревяних конструкцій

Sorted details of wooden house should be kept covered with plastic wrap or under a canopy to protect parts from moisture and sun. Sunlight leads to darkening of early untreated wood. As a result - dapple colored surface of the finished wooden house.






Зберігати деалі з брусу слід захищаючи від сонця та опадів.Best to keep details under a temporary canopy-shelter made ??of tents. The cost of this shelter is very small: a tent with 5 * 8 m in the trade network is the price to $ 10.

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