Tips for building with profiled beams.

Today for developers is not difficult to obtain from the Internet literature on the basics of building with timber. However, in practice it is not used in the construction hosodprskym way. Therefore, we decided to put advice in the construction of timber developers that will avoid major errors in self-construction of houses.
Anyone who builds a house themselves, to some extent become a builder. It is intended for them articles and tips in this section.

How to get rid of the resin in the wood walls?

Видалення смоли з бруса. ФотоThe aroma of fresh sawn wood. The smell of pine trees. Pleasant sensation of forests and nature. Fresh and healthy air. About all that we dream, when building a wooden house. But not everyone knows what the resin is a cause of headache for many happy owners of houses of timber. As we mentioned in the article "What weeping larch?", Pine and larch (especially fresh cut) tend to provide a resin on the surface, which complicates the processing of the wood surface, as a resin sticks to everything it contacts. In addition, the resin dark place. Such unexpected make the selection of gum, carry out additional work on the elimination of the resin. Staining place with the resin is bad, and sometimes a layer of lacquer is not applied at all. Spoiled the look of beautiful polished walls suggests an answer to the question:
How to get rid of the resin on the wood walls?

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Forced ventilation in a wooden house. tips

Despite the fact that the house from a bar "breathes", we will consider how to organize a forced ventilation in a wooden house. Of all the advice we offer the two most popular. Passive ventilation and ventilation with heat recovery. When organizing a passive air inlet is not used motors, moving parts of machinery and electronics. The air in the presence of gravity exhaust air duct enters the house. Pressure difference between the rooms downstairs, and the upper floors of the air forces fly in from outside and moving around the house fly through the air vents on the second floor.

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What weeping larch? Building on larch.

Про що плаче модрина?What weeping larch? That's how we named our brief article about the features of wooden houses with larch and pine. Why cry? And because, exactly crying. Other best word here and pick up. On the many virtues of larch and pine trees we have mentioned in articles about the properties of wood. We have in mind - high in natural resins that make, wood of these trees are less susceptible to rot, mold and beetle - bark beetles. But every medal has two sides. It is this dignity - is both a disadvantage.

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The thickness of the walls of wooden houses from lumber

Товщина стін будинку з бруса. ФотоRegular customer who wants to build a house, especially on the internet looking for a design that matches the dream of a private home. And only then - start studying the intricacies of wooden construction. Although we have long ago decided to sanitary standards ("Heat Engineering Construction"). If we consider all their demands, the width of the walls of a wooden house should be 54 cm! Even, it is difficult to imagine any of the tree will have to build a wooden house and what a trunk diameter will be equal to half a meter! In practice, it looks a lot easier. Private developers in the region with the climate in the Moscow region and the northern regions of Ukraine are building the house of conifers with thick walls 22-28 cm Such walls provide good thermal protection, which does not yield the same wall thickness of the ceramic block or brick.

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Scaffolding for the construction of log cabins.

Строительные леса. ФотоAs they say slovenias: "The further into the forest - more logs." This proverb is well reworked displays the status of construction of the second floor of a log house. Here, we can not do two in a meter high scaffolding to lift the timber to the height of the floors. And inevitably we are faced with the need to erect scaffolding.

As we have already mentioned in the article about self-assembly kits for the log of our company - the first floor is growing by leaps and bounds. All the parts are there, are numbered, it is easy to fit, high lift them do not. Becomes more complicated when installing the second floor. It seems that for some time stopped building. The fact is that there comes a time to gather wood and scaffolding. Is not unimportant that these devices are important in the construction going on the perimeter of the house. This requirement is dictated by the fact that the house is going extremely consistent with beams laying around the perimeter of the house of the future. It is impossible in the brick house building drive out one wall and then attach to it another.

Строительные лесаBriefly reservation about what forests are. Wood, metal and composite. Type of scaffolding to be installed around the log depends on the area in which you build a house. It will be funny if you imagine a modern lightweight aluminum quick-design anywhere in the Polesie district ranger in the construction of the house. Of course, there is scaffolding will be made from the newly cut fir or pine. At the same time, it is difficult to provide such construction in the center of the city, where construction is in full view of 10 regulatory agencies, and Greenpeace, to boot.
We extend the classification of scaffolding:


These names depend on the method of the connection element designs. We will not go into a description of each species.
I want to dwell on the forests, which are used for the construction of the most common types of homes the company - a house with an attic. It is appropriate to recall the case when one of our customers have anxiously examined construction estimates, and found in her article - the scaffolding in the form of additional wall material. But when the building came up to the second floor - the questions he had disappeared. Excessive wall boards were used as the basis for scaffolding, but not in the form of pillars, but as a cantilever projecting from the walls and ceiling structural elements. They were laid planks on which the workers went installers, piled lumber and elements of the roof structure. After completion of construction, when the cantilever elements have been cut off at the wall level, the customer segments used for the production of a set of garden table and benches, which are so successfully combined with the design of a wooden house.

Строительные леса в арендуHave you tried to calculate how much extra building materials is necessary in order to usher in the forest around the log? Yes - quite a few! Therefore, for some time, such structures are simply taking on lease from specialized firms. Requirements to be nominated high scaffolding. On how much they depend on reliable security installers.
As the Board can recommend not to disassemble the timber immediately after the construction of the attic and roof finish decorative trim, install gutters and snegouloviteli - brakes. This will save on the re-erection of forests.

Of course - construction woods with their hands can do, but as a rule, it will be only the simplest designs for the individual developer. Most often in such a way to economic construction erected wooden scaffolding frame type for a single work for a small load. A self-made forest of metal - come out more expensive, so renting of scaffolds should be provided for the construction of your plan! Prefabricated wood - saving time and money.

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