Tips for building with profiled beams.

Today for developers is not difficult to obtain from the Internet literature on the basics of building with timber. However, in practice it is not used in the construction hosodprskym way. Therefore, we decided to put advice in the construction of timber developers that will avoid major errors in self-construction of houses.
Anyone who builds a house themselves, to some extent become a builder. It is intended for them articles and tips in this section.

Поради. Усадка стін зрубу. Компенсація усадки.

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Усадка брусу в деревяному будинкуДерев'яний будинок - "живий" будинок. Це стосується і екологічних властивостей будови, це стосується і особливостей конструктивного з'єднання деталей. Не є таємницею, що дерев'яний будинок з бруса завжди знаходиться в процесі "руху". Дерев'яні деталі розширюються, звужуються. Весь будинок з бруса в процесі експлуатації дає усадку. При цьому змінюються його геометричні розміри.

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Advices. Sound insulation of buildings with profiled beams.

Advices. Sound insulation of buildings with profiled beams.

Звукоізоляція будинку з брусу. Фото.If you plan to build a house made ​​of wood - take care of its sound insulation. It pays to recall that the plan of the insulation should be at the design stage of the house.

We can give simple advice that in aggregate have a house then do not make unnecessary investments in expensive materials to soundproof the building with a bar was excellent. Soundproofing a house with a bar is reduced to two points: to weaken the effect of resonant propagation of sound in different rooms; isolate one room from another.

1. The main medium of sound propagation in a wooden house is a solid-state structures that transmit sound waves well. Creating bridges the gap and the "floating structural elements - the key to reducing the conduction of sound by 50%. Therefore try to separate the design of each floor and second floor ceiling construction of the first floor. It will strengthen the acoustic ceiling between wooden house. This floor joists must be based on different bars with overlapping logs to which the ceiling mounted.


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Tips for developers. Heating the house.

Камін в деревяному будинку з брусу. Фото

Advices. Heating a house with a fireplace or stove bar.

You are about to build a house made ​​of wood. Take care of his alternative heating, even at the design stage.
1. Try to place the stove or fireplace heating at the geometric center of the house. This will perform thermal cabling channels in all rooms not only first, but the second floor without the use of long air ducts, with lower cost materials. This will make the process of heating area of ​​the building uniform.

2. When designing ventilation ducts, place them closer to the ceiling of the second floor - this will most effectively divert air saturated with moisture in the ventilation. When using radiators desirable to air before get into the ventilation outlets passed through the room heated.

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Advices. Walling.

Поради. Зведення стін з брусу. Фото.Building walls of the house with beams.
Wooden houses - one of the few options when it can pass without construction crew. Here are some tips on the construction of walls for those who will enter their own timber.
1. Try to process the timber antiseptic and fire retardants prior to signing it into the wall. Particular attention is paid to face and pererubam. That there will be most vulnerable to fungus and rot of the details. When processing is already prepared wall - 50% of  the panels will not!

2. We must consider that in settling the house reduced geometrical dimensions is uneven. The ends of the beam components, especially  raw, are deposited over these same parts inside. Therefore, the gasket should be used for constipation increased thickness.


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How to build? Recomendations.

build a house from the wood or not to build?

You have planned the construction of wooden houses, but still do not know what building material to choose? Suppliers offer cilinder logs, natural timber, glued laminated wood, chopped logs, sawn timber variety. Absolute leaders in consumer preferences is glued beams and cylindrical logs.

Glued laminated timber, in contrast to the logs, more recently appeared on the market of construction materials, but has already managed to gain popularity. Despite the fact that the glued laminated wood quality often costs a little more expensive than logs, it makes it a serious competitor in the market of construction materials from wood.


advantages and disadvantages Wooden housesAs a cylindrical timber, glued laminated wood - an environmentally friendly material, but due to the peculiarities of production, more robust and durable. If the production of logs using a solid tree trunk, then for the production of laminated veneer lumber requires high-quality board. Glued laminated timber, depending on the number of used blades (planks) can vary in width, which is very convenient. For example, for the construction of summer house or outbuilding suitable glued beams small width, and for the construction of a residential cottage, you can use a more powerful option. Round timber leaves no such freedom of choice.



reducing the cost of a wooden house shaped timber?

The manufacturing process for laminated veneer lumber is to produce blades and their subsequent bonding strong glue made from natural raw materials. Lamella were given special treatment - polishing, impregnation with special protective solutions, and only then, with the help of glue and a hydraulic press fit into the glued laminated wood. Usually, the length of laminated veneer lumber is about 6 meters, but if necessary can reach 18 meters, so that the imagination of the architect-designer will be, where carousing. Each next lamella is placed so that the direction of wood fibers was opposite of the previous layer. This provides additional strength laminated logs. An additional advantage of a laminated board is perfectly fine, smooth surface - this greatly facilitates the process of construction and design allows you to save money on decoration.

From the foregoing it is understandable why glued timber is so sought - it is just as environmentally friendly and aesthetically, as the Round logs, but at the same time, more durable, long lasting and often more convenient in construction.


In addition, glued laminated wood with special impregnation and handling is absolutely fireproof and not subject to rotting and insect damage. Structure of the laminated board is that the house of him do not give the shrinkage, and the board does not change its geometry during the entire period of operation. House is made of logs, especially if in the process of construction was used logs not the highest quality, may subsequently tilt, nod. Like all wooden buildings, houses of laminated veneer lumber and logs easily, and therefore does not require installation of expensive solid foundation.

From the foregoing it is understandable why glued timber is so sought - it is just as environmentally friendly and aesthetically, as the Round logs, but at the same time, more durable, long lasting and often more convenient in construction.

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