Jointing timbers sealant

Sooner or later,after the construction ofthe housethere is a question: Whatto do with theseamsbetween the barsin a housemade ​​of logsorshaped timber?This questionwill arisevery soon, ifyouwere building a housefrom rawlumber.During the constructionofgluedtimbershrinkagehouseis so small thatonly thejointsare reducedin size.Butif the cracksand seamsincreasethen do present you ashortguide on howto removethis deficiencybyand for alldo away withblowingseamsof wooden houses.

For worksyou will need:

     narrowrubber spatulaorplastic platesto formthe seamsealer;
     masking tape;
     fluid fordegreasing;
     sealseams- ifweld sizeis very large.




The orderof execution:

  • Clean and degrease thesurface;
  • insertedin the slotwhen the size ofthe sealcracks and gapslarge enough;
  • the width of theseamstickmasking tape, on howit will bepasteddepends for itsaccuracy, widthand flowof sealant;
  • Applysealant to theseam;
  • rubber spatulaor plasticscraperto formthe appearance ofthe suture between thetimbers;
  • until thesealantdried up-tear offthe masking tape

Work is performedunder the conditionsspecified by the manufacturerof sealanttodry weather.It is desirablefor the strength ofthe seamto avoiddirect exposure tothe sun and water.For more information onsealing cracksin the blockdescribed in the article: Elimination of cracks in the block



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